Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Because Not All Things Hold

Hand dyed fabric, poly fill, quilt batting, devore, applique and machine embroidery.


  1. I was just checking the "Book By It's Cover" blog when I came across your work and saw that we're both MICAns (I'm a senior in Illustration)! I really love your work! This piece in particular is pretty awesome. I hope we run into each other around campus sometime (and sorry if we have met before already and I've forgotten: I'm really bad at names...and faces...)!

  2. I can't even remember when I came across your blog, but I obviously favourited it to check out, and I am glad you did. I LOVE this piece, what an awesome concept. Your work is very appealing, and I particularly like your use of text. I have begun a process of experimentation with some new artwork, and was wonder what to do with it all....after reading your blog I have decided, an artist's book it is! Thanks